Shipments and returns

Due to increasing fuel costs we will be implementing a delivery schedule effective the week of Febuary 3, 2014. Orders will be sent out twice per week. Delivery days depend on the building. The delivery schedule can be found below and on the delivery webpage. If your order is an emergency, please place an order and contact us at your earliest convenience. To gurantee delivery on your delivery day, please have orders placed by 2pm two days prior. For example, if your delivery day is Monday, please attempt to have your order in by Thursday 2pm. The delivery schedule is as follows:

Evergreen Atrium - Mondays and Thursdays
Franklin Ctr - Mondays and Thursdays
Halsted Point - Thursday Only
Market Strategies/Brookside - Tuesdays and Fridays
Northfield North/West/1111 - Mondays and Thursdays
Inteva - Mondays and Thursdays
JAC Products - Mondays
975 S Opdyke - Mondays
Novi Ortho - Mondays and Wednesdays
Troy Ortho - Mondays and Thursdays
Rochester Medical - Tuesdays
Allegra - Fridays
Auburn Ridge - Mondays
Brookfields - Tuesdays and Thursdays