FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What do I do when I get invoiced for a product I already returned?

A. Nothing. Your account will be given a credit slip. When you place your next order, you can apply the credit towards the balance.

Q. What do I do when I want to make a return?

A. You have a few options. If the order was already shipped, you can simply refuse the order. This will stop us from invoicing you on that particular order and we can cancel it in the system. If you already signed for the order, you can start a return from your account when the status of the order changes to "delivered" or you can contact us.

Q. Why does the payment page say COD? Does this mean I have to pay when the order is delivered?

A. Not at all. We invoice our customers within 7 days when the order gets delivered. We will never ask you to pay upfront.